What's the flavour of your land?

There are 194 Countries in the World...this is the title of my new blog and this is the feeling I had this morning on my way to office. Each of these Country is the cradle of something special - in fact, much more than just something - but, what I intend to do with this blog, is to find an ingredient, a special dish, a traditional flavour, a drinking amenity for all the Countries of this worldwide list. Then, every of you will be able to prepare a themed dinner, a peculiar date scented with an uncommon essence, an afternoon tea offering those unique cookies they serve in New Zeland, or simply will be glad to try with us an ingredient coming from far away and recalling an exotic, distant land...and of course to report about his venture, in this place!

 What I would like to create is a cosy little room where meet to virtually chat about travels and outlandish experiences, reflecting on how some particular, far away ingredients surprise our mind and make it fly over time and space to carve out an intimate space for its own, where dreams are welcome and boredom of everyday reality is banned.

Would you join the project? Would you enriched my secluded spot with your ideas?
I hope we’ll find the unrevealed ingredient to make this blog a relaxing shelter where experience a forgotten and most precious taste of beauty...

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